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Beginning in March of 2021 Envision Eyecare is an OPEN ACCESS OFFICE. This model of care is an exciting change allowing us to offer a new way of using vision insurance at our office. We made this change with the goal of continuing to provide an outstanding level of care and service, as well as the best eyewear products, no matter what insurance a patient might have.

Being Open Access Providers will allow us to accept all the same vision plans we have in the past, as well as many new plans. We will now be able to negotiate the best pricing, on the best products, and pass the saving on to our patients - while helping you still benefit from your vision plan. We want to make getting great care easy, affordable, and transparent. 

  • Some plans, like VSP and Cigna Vision, will still pay Envision Eyecare directly for your vision benefits, as they have done in the past.
  • Other plans, like EyeMed and Superior Vison, will reimburse you, the patient, directly in 3-4 weeks.
  • Either way we will make charges clear and easy to understand. As always, exam fees will be due at the time of the exam.
  • We will offer options to make any out-of-pocket portion easy to pay at the time of your exam.

If you are new to our office, we know you’ll notice the difference and appreciate the value in our quality-over-quantity philosophy when you experience it first-hand at Envision Eyecare.

If you are a previous patient with vision insurance, we look forward to the chance to continue providing the level of care you have come to expect from us - just using your insurance benefits in a new way.

Thank you from the Doctors and Staff at Envision Eyecare!

What our Open Access Care Model means for Patients:

  • We will still accept the same vision insurance plans as before (including VSP, Superior Vision, and EyeMed Plans) as well as many additional plans (including Davis Vision, Cigna Vision and Spectera) but we will be out of network providers on all the vision plans we accept.
  • We will still look up your benefits and submit the insurance claim for you, so we still make it easy to use your vision plan benefits.
  • Without the in-network pricing agreement, our pricing is being restructured, to offer even more value and more transparent pricing.
  • Every pair of glasses will still offer the highest quality for your needs and style, and every pair of glasses will still include our exclusive 2-yr warranty.
  • Our comprehensive exam will now include the EyeScreen Digital Retina Imaging at no extra charge. This important imaging technology was an option in the past, but had a $39 additional fee. It is now no additional charge and does not require dilation to get great retinal images on most patients.
  • You will get the same great quality of care you have come to expect at Envision Eyecare – with the same excellent Doctors: Dr. Joshua Cantrell and Dr. Patricia Cantrell

Open Access Fees/Pricing Information:

  • Starting March 1st, any time you want to schedule an exam, we will be able to access your specific vision plan benefits quickly and let you know exactly how much your exam will cost using your benefits with our new system.
  • The Comprehensive Eye Exam (previously $130) and EyeScreen Retinal Imaging (previously $39) will be discounted to $89 for the Comprehensive Eye Exam including EyeScreen Retinal Imaging, and then your insurance benefit will be applied.
  • Our usual Contact Lens Fitting fee will be the same as it has been in the past $50 and then your contact lens fitting benefit will be applied. The fitting fee is still in addition to a comprehensive examination and includes 3 months of fitting-follow-up visits (if needed) at no extra charge.
  • We will still always share pricing for any contact lenses in which you are being fit, in writing at the time of your fitting, as well as any discounts we can offer on your specific lenses. We will always be able to clearly tell the amount your insurance will contribute to contact lenses you purchase at Envision Eyecare.
  • Our glasses pricing will be easier to understand and choose. We will carry the same great frame lines at even better prices and offer easy to understand lens package pricing to let you get the right lenses for your needs regardless of your insurance plans ownership/relationship with manufacturers.

Additional Information:

  • Vision Plans we will now be able to accept as Open Access Providers include: VSP, EyeMed, Superior Vision, Davis Vision, Spectera, and Cigna Vision
  • We will still be in-network medical providers for medical-related visits on the same plans. As always, with the help of our knowledgeable staff, you can find out details on your specific plan before scheduling.

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