All Envision Eyecare patients receive:

2-year “Temple-to-Temple” Warranty

Envision Eyecare Two-Year Warranty Information

At Envision Eyecare we are proud to offer outstanding quality in eyewear and excellence in customer service. We stand behind our products and services by helping each patient choose eyewear that suits their needs and by including our exclusive two-year warranty with every eyewear purchase.

Lens Warranty Details:

Prescription lenses can be replaced under warranty if they become scratched, chipped or otherwise damaged.

The number of lens replacements under warranty is unlimited if you have chosen a recommended super-scratch-resistant coating. Specifically, unlimited replacements are covered under warranty if you have purchased Clarion XS, Crizal Alize, Claris HD, or XTC.

If you purchased lenses without one of the above super-scratch-resistant coatings, the replacement under warranty is limited to once in the two-year warranty period.

We offer one courtesy replacement of scratched sun-clip or non-prescription sunglass lenses within two years of purchase.

Frame and Sun-Clip Warranty Details:

Frames and sun-clips are under warranty against manufacturer defects for the full two year period.

Damage to frames or sun-clips resulting from misuse is not covered under warranty. However, charges for parts and repairs not covered under warranty can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We will extend a courtesy discount of 25% off of full price when replacing a frame or sun-clip whose damage is not covered under warranty if it is within 2 years of original purchase.*

We offer one courtesy replacement of scratched sun-clip or non-prescription sunglass lenses within two years of purchase.

Discontinued Frames:

If the original frame to be replaced under warranty is no longer manufactured, you will promptly be notified that the original frame style is not available and a suitable replacement frame can be chosen within 30 days of the notification. Credit up to the original frame price will be given at the time of the new frame selection. In the case that a frame change must take place, replacement lenses with the same Rx and options will be included or new lenses/options can be chosen at a 25% discount.*

Discontinued Sun-Clip:

If the original clip to be replaced under warranty is no longer manufactured, you will promptly be notified and a non-magnetic just-match-it/custom clip will be provided as a courtesy replacement in exchange for the clip which is being replaced; or you may

Choose to receive 25% off your entire purchase of new eyewear within 30 days of notification that your clip cannot be replaced under warranty. *

Additional Details:

Replacements under warranty are for the exact specifications of your original purchase.

All replacements under warranty are in exchange for the original frame/lens/sun-clip being replaced.

If your eyewear becomes lost within the first year of purchase, we will extend a courtesy discount of 25% discount off of full price for its exact replacement.*

Any time you have purchased eyewear from Envision Eyecare we offer a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your frame or lens choices, your eyewear can be returned or exchanged within one month from the date of your purchase.

* Courtesy/replacement discounts are offered as prompt-payment discounts and cannot be combined with other prompt-payment discounts or insurance.


Buy one pair of glasses, save 50% on additional pair(s) if purchased on the same day for the same person.

Free cleaning and adjustments anytime

Outstanding glasses discount for contact lens patients

Complimentary Contact Lens Solution Starter Kit for all contact lens patients

Discount and rebate programs on contact lenses.

Eyeglasses Care Tips

    • Tips For Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses
      1. Clean your lenses daily with warm water and a mild soap (no additives) or an approved lens cleaning solution. Wipe dry with an approved cloth.
      2. Your approved cloth can also be used dry to quickly remove smudges and fingerprints from your lenses throughout the day. Avoid using your cloth dry if visible particles or debris can be seen.
      3. Avoid getting chemicals on the surface of the lenses such as hair spray, cologne, ammonia, bleach or household cleaners.
      4. Keep your eyeglasses in a protective case when not in use. Do not lay your lenses face down. Do not expose to extreme temperature (i.e. leaving glasses on the dashboard of a car).
      5. Remove your eyeglasses with both hands and do not push your eyeglasses on top of your head or hook them on your shirt collar.
      6. Stop by Envision Eyecare for a complimentary adjustment every 3 or 4 months. Properly fitted eyeglasses can greatly enhance your vision.

    Our Frame Lines

    Envision Eyecare offers frame choices from these lines and others: Nike, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, L.A.M.B., Bobbi Brown, OGI, TURA, Marc Jacobs,  Lulu Guinness, Jones NY, Carolina Herrera, Charles Stone New York, William Morris, Scott Harris, Michael Ryen, Flexon, Chesterfield, Vari, Polaroid, Gargoyles, and Maui Jim.

    Our Contact Lens Lines

    The Doctors at Envision Eyecare fit contact lenses from all of the leading manufacturers including Contact Lenses for Astigmatism, Bifocal/Multifocal Contact Lenses. We carry the newest lenses in all replacement options including daily disposable.

    Our Doctors also provide Specialty and Custom Contact Lenses including Rigid Gas Permeable lenses.

    Lens Materials and Treatments

      • Lens Materials
        1. Plastic Lenses
          1. Stronger than glass and half the weight
          2. Good Comfort and durability
          3. Thickness not ideal for moderate to high prescriptions
        2. Polycarbonate Lenses
          1. Excellent impact resistance
          2. Lightweight and thin
          3. Does not tint well
          4. Recommended as standard for all children’s glasses, as well as safety or sports glasses
        3. Trivex/Phoenix Lenses
          1. Excellent impact resistance
          2. Lightweight and thin
          3. Safety benefits with even better clarity/visual comfort than polycarbonate lenses
        4. High Index Lenses
          1. Thinner and lighter than other materials
          2. Improves appearance of glasses
        5. Super High Index Lenses
          1. Thinnest and lightest lenses available
          2. Best appearance of glasses for moderate to higher prescriptions
        6. Aspheric Designs
          1. Less distortion - more natural vision
          2. Makes eyes look more natural - less magnified in plus powers
          3. Flatter lens curve improves glasses appearance
        7. Digital Designs
          1. This is a radical departure from conventional lens technology which creates “High Definition” vision. It creates a tailor-made prescription for each and every patient. Digital lens technology creates thinner and flatter lenses with sharper peripheral vision. These lenses are available in any prescription in single vision and progressive addition lenses.
      • Lens Treatments
        1. Scratch Resistant Coating
          1. Although no lenses are scratch-proof, scratch resistant coating makes lenses harder to scratch.
        2. Anti-Reflective
          1. Improves clarity and color saturation in all lighting conditions
          2. Decreases reflections and glare
          3. Improving night driving vision
          4. Eases eye strain and fatigue from computer work or reading in harsh light
          5. Improves appearance of glasses by making lenses seem less visible
        3. Polarized Lenses (For Sunglasses)
          1. Best lenses for reducing glare
          2. Blocks reflections from horizontal surfaces - car hoods and windshields, roads, water, ice/snow
          3. Improves clarity of vision as well as providing comfort in bright conditions
        4. Lenses that Darken (Photochromics)
          1. Variable tint changes in response to UV levels
          2. Does not stay dark behind car windows
        5. Drivewear
          1. Combines photochromics & polarized lenses
          2. Reacts to varying light conditions both outside and behind the windshield of the vehicle
          3. Three distinct lens colors which maximize vision in varying light conditions
          4. Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB
        6. Ultraviolet Protection
          1. Blocks harmful rays of the sun
          2. Does not discolor the lens
          3. Inherent property of Polycarbonate and High Index Plastic

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